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I am new to the site, and want to begin by thanking everyone for their great insight. I am a senior in college and getting ready to graduate in December. I plan on enrolling in ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program. I really want to enroll in the 100hr multi program however, ATP Oakland (short drive from where I live) does not currently offer a 100hr multi program. My question is whether or not a certain location can accommodate for your preferred program or am I SOL and have to attend another campus to receive 100hr multi training? I would really like to stay close to home just to keep living expenses down during my training.



Hello Dominic,

I would recommend you contact ATP directly but as far as I know if the program is not offered at a particular location there’s usually a good reason (related to resources at that location, either equipment or # personnel). Since that’s the case, I believe the answer is no they can’t accommodate your request (if they could, they would OFFER that program). Not sure I’d say you’re out of luck (I’ll omit the “S”) but you may (as do many of ATPs students) need to either do some traveling or perhaps consider the 40hr program?

Question? Are you not planning on instructing for ATP? That’s really the only for the 100hr Program.



Thanks for the quick response. I am planning on instructing with ATP after I graduate from the program. A guaranteed CFI job sounds pretty nice. I was not aware that the 100hr program was designed more for those who wish not to teach with ATP. I just assumed the 100hr looked better by providing more multi hours.

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Adam’s probably flying that big fancy jet of his right now :wink:, but I’ll relay what I learned when I first got on the forum… The 100hr program is more catered to students who wish to apply for other flying jobs (as hard as they may be to get) or have other gigs lined up, as well as those who intend to instruct ME elsewhere as many schools with multi engine aircraft require 100ME minumum to instruct in those planes (insurance reasons I believe). The 40hr program will get you all the required ME ratings, and ATP doesn’t have the 100ME requirement to teach ME, so if you plan on instructing at ATP you will get plenty of multi hours while you are an instructor, well north of 100 or any regional airline requirements.

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Thanks a lot for the insight. This really helps. I am going over to the Oakland facility next week and I will pose the same question to them just to see what they say.

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I started this week at TKI, and several students and instructors have already echoed the same info. If you plan on instructing for ATP, save your money and do the 40hr multi…unless you have an overwhelming desire to pay 10k extra and do your instrument in the multi. :slight_smile:



I would absolutely recommend the 40 hour multi program as the quality of your education will be exactly the same. You will get plenty of multi time as an ATP instructor, save your money.

On another note, make sure that you call and schedule a tour of the Oakland facility, don’t just show up as there is a possibility that all of the instructors could be flying or be busy with their students. If you call ATP at 800-255-2877 and schedule a tour somebody will be sure to be there to greet you, show you around and answer all of your questions.


Thanks everyone for the advise!

I was flying that big fancy jet but I’m glad everyone chimed in to help AND to save Dominic some money :slight_smile:


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