ATP Appreciation Post

I got off a cruise ship this morning in Port Canaveral, FL and started heading north on I-95 back home. As I got to Daytona I decided to pull off and try to see how ATP looked there and I am so glad I did. I showed up to the facility completely unannounced and had an ATPJets line worker come up and ask if I needed any assistance immediately. He took me into the FBO and I was met by a man who works out of the DAB location, and he gave me a quick tour of the facility and the aircraft on the ramp (I’m a geek so I had to go to see the planes :nerd_face::small_airplane:). When we came inside, another gentleman beckoned me into the office and answered a bunch of questions I had, constantly allowing me to reassure myself that I have made the right choice. Turns out that gentleman was Eric Priester (forgive me if I spelled incorrectly), the Director of Admissions for all the ATP locations around the country and a man who had talked to me on the phone for hours previously as I made my decision to schedule a start date with ATP. Following this conversation, a lady who also has an office in DAB took me into the hangar to let me see the ATP Citation jet (and of course take a picture in the cockpit) as well as a quick tour of the simulator facilities and the study room facilities. All of these people took time out of their busy day to accommodate a random walk in and make me feel welcome. The whole time I was reminded of the fact that ATP puts students first and will go out of their way to do whatever it takes to help make you successful. Following this unscheduled mini-tour I continued up I-95 and decided to pull off and check out the Jacksonville location at Craig, once again a similar extradordinary experience at a beautiful location.
All in all, I would like to say thank you to the entire ATP staff, as well as to the mentors and other members here for everything you all do to help make all of us prospective and current students be lined up for success at ATP. You all truly make ATP feel like a home and one big family. I can’t wait to start at Tampa in June!
Blue skies!


Thank you Kamrin!

Great story! In light of it I hesitate to mention anything remotely negative but every now and then someone comes on and implies that ATP is only out for the money, including this forum. Sure it’s a business but really we’re nothing more than a small aviation community who love what we do and want to share that love. Glad you got to see that for yourself.




I just completed my first week at TKI in Texas. Just wanted to chime in and tell you I’ve had the exact same experience with the instructors and fellow students here. There are two other flight schools at this airport (neither as big) and neither compares to ATP. Matter of fact, a student at one had his younger brother tour ATP yesterday and suggested that his brother attend ATP over the one he’s attending.


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I am so glad that you had such positive experiences and that you liked the locations so much. Also, thank you for coming here to share that with us. It is nice to hear positive feedback and know that we are doing is helpful to prospective pilots.


Thanks for the update, I am glad things are going well. Please continue to keep us in the loop as you progress through the program. We love seeing our guys and gals succeed.


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