ATP Career Services and Resume Building


Does ATP offer resume building services and to assist with interviewing for the airlines? Like how my resume should be structured for an airline? I graduated from ASU so I can always use their services for a fee but I’m interested if ATP provides these services.

I’m interested in attending ATP for their Airline Career Track program.


I’m not aware of any “formal” services provided by ATP. The reason I say formal is because that was one of the cool benefits doing my training and instructing for ATP. You’re surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and experience. I had no idea how to construct a resume (I had been self-employed) let alone one for the airlines. There was help to be found everywhere.

As for interview prep I’m a huge fan of Cage Consulting. I never really believed in interview prep but I wanted Hawaiian BAD and they don’t just give out interviews let alone jobs. The information they provided was invaluable. That said you’ve got some time before you need to worry about any of that stuff. First you need to train.


Ok, thank you for the reply. Also, I just found out ATP Flight School is Part 61, and not Part 141. Here in Phoenix it is only Part 61 unless if you go with Arizona State University. I already have an aviation degree from there so it would mean going for a Masters to get Part 141. Does it really matter that I go to a Part 61 school instead of a Part 141?


ATP is Part 61 because that’s the only way they can offer the accelerated curriculum they offer. Unless your trying to use VA benefits I can’t see it being an issue. Hasn’t mattered in my career, does it matter to you?


Well, it doesn’t necessarily matter to me but I would think maybe the airlines would look more favorably on an applicant who graduated from a structured program like a Part 141. Of course, with Part 141 you can get reduced hours to qualify for an ATP.


I participated in hiring at my last airline and I know ALOT of pilots and I’ve never known a single one who was asked under what “part” were they trained. You either earned your licenses and ratings or have not. That combined with the fact that ATP had over 300 pilots hired by airlines in the last year alone demonstrates that fact.

As for the hour reduction (for a RESTRICTED-ATP) that only applies to training programs in conjunction with aviation degree programs (if you had done your flight training at ASU WITH your degree that would apply). Having not there is no reduction available unless perhaps you do go for that Masters?

CFR 61.160 b.3. (ii) The required flight training was completed as part of an approved part 141 curriculum at the institution of higher education or at a part 141 pilot school that has a training agreement under § 141.26 of this chapter with the institution of higher education.


Thanks for your reply Adam. Correct, I didn’t do my flight training at ASU so I do not qualify for the reduction of hours. Basically I would have had to work on my degree and flight training at the same time.

I got my private from another school under part 141, the program was a paperwork and logistic nightmare. Just imagine what filling out your taxes is like and apply that to flight training. 141 programs are advertised as being able to do the same thing in less time, but the reality is that this almost never, ever happens. I encountered so many delays waiting for “stage checks” that it really added to the length of the program.

I have interviewed at three different airlines, not a single one of them asked what part I obtained my ratings under.