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Hello, i’m currently in the process of getting my PPL through a local flight school that was closer than ATP, and planning to go all the way through to the airlines. i started researching the routes of building hours and CFI (like many others) seems to me the best option. looking through ATP’s website i found that they subsidize your rent to the location you are hired. My main question is, how is the quality of life keeping the subsidized living expenses in mind? single, no dependents, used to picking up and moving from my current job as an A&P mechanic contractor. I’m currently not planning on any loans, but things may change in the future.

thanks for any insight!


With all due respect that question is impossible to answer. Quality of life that is a completely dependent on each individual pilots needs, expenses, expectations and anything else you can imagine. Some people are quite adept at tightening their belts and living lean others are not. How you live and what you need is entirely up to you. What I can tell you for certain is ATP has over 40 schools across the country all staffed with instructors none of whom are starving or living in homeless shelters. ATP does offer reduced housing to it’s instructors and thanks to agreements with their Regional partners most also receive Tuition Reimbursement LONG before they start working for the airlines. Do keep in mind though ATP has hired outside instructors (on rare occasions), ATP students are GUARANTEED instructor jobs and get first crack at all jobs. If you’re counting on doing all your training at your local flight school and then instructing for ATP afterwards you really should be working on a Plan B and even if you are offered a job chances it will be at a location of ATPs choosing based on their need not yours.



That’s a subjective question, but all of ATPs housing is fully furnished
and in upscale neighborhoods. I lived in at least three of ATPs student
housing units. Only one of them was not up to the company standard, but
after speaking up to management we were relocated to a better apartment.
So, the standard of living is…standard. I don’t know how else to put it.
I felt safe and to be quite honest it’s a steal considering that
instructors only pay $300/mo to live in them.


I’m not worried about the location, and the flight school im at now offers the same flow through from a student to hired CFI, so either one would be doable for me. i was just looking for some insight on the ATP CFI route.

on a side note for Adam, How do you like flying for HAL? I spent 2 years working for hawaiian on line maintenance until deciding on piloting, moved back to mainland in may to save some costs and afford flight school. I’d love to make it back and fly those 330’s i spent so much time cooling the brakes on those night turns :joy:

awesome, i’m just trying to get all of my ducks in a row well before i get there. always been a plan ahead and adjust as needed individual. Thanks for the answers guys.

LOVE Hawaiian! Def not for everyone. Like Hawaii itself it’s a little less “corporate” and has a more “local” feel. We have a fraction of the pilots that the Big 3 have so everyone knows eachother which I like. To me the biggest perk (besides living in Hawaii) is the fact you have a choice to fly the widebodies and see the World or fly Interisland and be home every night. There is no other Major that offers that kind of flexibility.

Couldn’t be happier.


Hello, Tory!

Is the instructor housing rate lower than the student rate? I realize this is an older thread, but right now the general cost of ATP housing, with a roommate, seems to be about $800/month. I’m working on a hypothetical budget and would love to hear from anyone who was able to balance the ATP monthly loan payment, rent, and other living expenses while working as an instructor!

Thanks so much!


It would be best to call the admissions department and ask about the current rates for instructor housing. There has been some changes recently and they would be most up to date on this.


Chris is right. The instructor rates are not advertised. Maybe a current CFI will see this and chime in? Or you could call and ask ATP directly.