ATP class size

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I was wondering what the average class size is? I’m also wondering if there is any information on ATP’s student enrollment numbers from each specific location. If not, are there certain locations that usually have a higher enrollment?

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There are no class size numbers because each student had their own instructor. You’ll be paired with another pilot for the crew/time building phase but otherwise it will just be you and your instructor except for occasionally they’ll get as few students together for ground school.

Select the location that works best for you. The busier locations have more instructors but regardless it’ll just be you and them.


Hi Adam,
Thanks for the information. I guess I was thinking more ground school before. I kind of thought that at least half of the 9 months would be spent in ground school in a classroom setting. Is this not the case?


No that is not the case. ATPs program is HIGHLY accelerated which is why it takes months vs years to complete. You’ll be given daily assignments but there’s a tremendous amount of self-study. There’s no need or requirement to spend anywhere near half of the 9mos in ground school. Assignments are given and the information reviewed. If you understand the concepts you move on. The focus is on the flying.


Thanks for that! Also, before you said that there are busier locations. Are you able to tell me which ones are the busier ones? I understand that the number of students won’t effect the training, but it’s something I’d like to have a more straight answer to as that is a factor I would like to consider.


If you go to the Locations section of the website, you can see the number of instructors at each location by clicking on each one. That will give you a very good idea which locations are busier.


Call the admissions department for more information on this. Keep in mind that this information can change rapidly. I would not let it be a factor in my decision making.