ATP Fleet Age?

Just looking at the age, what’s the oldest and newest of each?

What’s the oldest active Seminole N#?
What’s the newest active Seminole N#?

What’s the oldest active Archer N#?
What’s the newest active Archer N#?

I’m not sure if all of that is accessible to students with exception of just searching every N# possible. Admin might have a better answer for you but

Most archers I’ve flown out of Trenton are '14-'17 with one '18 and a couple '13’s thrown in.

Most of the “Cinnamon rolls” (as Todd in CFI Academy calls them) that have been through Trenton were the 2000 and newer with the current one I’m flying being a 2007. According to my instructor from April last year to today there has only been 1 '77 model to Trenton

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You a current TTN student or instructor?

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Current student. Hopefully instructor soon but right now we are just sitting at 3

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I was just there earlier this week for my admission flight, sat with Dane. A nice little area I must say, great experience. Your experiences there so far Tom?

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Sorry for the delayed response I’ve been working on my Commercial Multi Engine training.

I thoroughly enjoy Trenton. The Girls in Signature are great to work with and are very accommodating to our location (you will see on Crew how different all the other locations are with some better and some worse).

I’ve had Dane for Comm Multi and I had Pierce for all of my other certs and ratings, Steve went through training with me so I haven’t experienced him as a CFI yet. Both Pierce and Dane are very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

My only suggestion would be once you get your deposit in for your start date knock out all of the written tests because it is so beneficial to just focus on studying and training vs having to meet test deadlines.

If you have any further questions let me know!

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Quick question - did you actually take the tests before starting the program? If so, doesn’t one need either an instructor endorsement or a course completion certificate to take an FAA written test?

I actually took my PPL written recently (I’m considering going to ATP post-PPL). I took my instructor’s written endorsement with me to the test and showed it to the proctor.


If you enroll you’ll be given access to all the study materials for all the writtens. If you take the tests at an ATP location they’ll give you the sign off with copies of successful practice exams. If not Sheppard Air will do the same via mail.

While not required ATP recommends taking some if not all the writtens prior to starting to lighten the workload.



Thanks Adam!


I was about to ask this on a separate post but I will ask here - just to confirm, prior to starting ATP I should plan on going into the facility 6 times before my class date in order to complete the tests? (I do plan on doing all 6 if possible).


First only if an ATP facility is convenient for you. If not as I said above you can get the signoffs via mail and go to a test center that’s more convenient.

Second it’s recommended you take the IRA and the FII together and the CAX and FIA as they share a test bank so it’s only 4 visits to the test center.


Very helpful as always! Looking forward to getting these done. Thank you


I took the IRA, CAX, FII before (would have been all but i ran out of time before starting). Worst thing ever was going 3-4 months of training and then having to get back into the swing to finish up my FIA and FOI for CFI Academy. So I suggest taking all tests possible.

I took all of the writtens before starting, and I found it to be a huge help, especially once I started. While some classmates were worried about taking those on top of the regular studying, I found that I had more time to just focus on the studying and get myself as prepared as possible for checkrides.

As Adam said, although not required, I would take as many as you can ahead of time (as time permits in your situation) before starting…you’ll probably be thanking yourself later! :grinning:


Once you have placed your deposit down, you will have access to the study material for the writtens and will be able to obtain your sing-offs through ATP.


Since this thread started by talking about fleet age, I just thought I’d talk about the aircraft at my location. ATP receives brand new Skyhawks every year, and at least the past two years we’ve gotten some of the brand new ones here. For most of my program, none of our planes had ever received annual inspections. Now half of them have and the other half are brand new.

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California has all the old steam gauge 172’s with 10k+ airframe hours. All the new Skyhawks go to Colorado and Arizona it seems. TAA training was a nice change of pace, lol.