ATP flight school custom programs


Does ATP flight school still offer custom programs? Would be coming in with my PPL and IR. Looking to finish CSEL, CMEL, CFI, CFII. It was more common a couple years ago but I can’t find much info on custom programs anymore.



That’s because there no longer are any custom programs. There are only 2 points of entry, with or without your PPL.


Lindsey, Admissions Here!

Unfortunately ATP no longer offers custom programs.
As previously stated by Adam, we only have two points of entry: With a PPL or without.
Anything past a PPL will not be accepted, and our program would not be for you.


This is one of the millions of reasons we ALWAYS recommend doing research before you get too far into it. Unfortunately for your case, ATP only has two entry methods: Zero Time or Credit Private. I recommend reaching out to local flight schools and seeing what they have to offer. A lot of individuals see the perks and rewards of being an alumni of ATP, sometimes when it’s too late.