ATP Flight School Training Process

Hello pilots! I have some questions relating to ATP flight school training curriculum. How ATP flight school cramp all the learning materials in just about 2 or 3 months and get ready for checkrides when there’s a lot of materials to be covered? I like to join ATP flight school. But their fast training pace is holding me back and overwhelmed me. And their policies when someone failed checkrides twice they will get kicked out off the program. So I need advices and Pilots in ATP tell me how you guys prepare for such a fast training. Thank you.

To begin with, ATP’s program is nine months long, not three. Secondly, ATP trains pilots the same way the airlines do, if a pilot is not able to make it through ATP’s training, they will not be able to make it through airline training. ATP’s training is intense and takes a lot of self study and motivation.

Failing more than two checkrides isn’t just a problem with ATP, most airlines would not hire somebody that has more than two failures.

Since you seem very concerned about the training, I would recommend obtaining your private license at a smaller school, this will enable you to see if you can keep up with the pace of flight training. If you are still interested, you could apply to ATP after obtaining your PPL.


Chris pretty much covered it. This question comes up from time to time and I always find it interesting. While I understand the concern the bigger question is if you don’t think you can handle the accelerated pace of ATP what makes you believe you could handle actual airline training? That in fact is the point of ATPs accelerated program. It’s to prepare you for the airlines and give you the confidence you can keep up. While ATPs program is highly accelerated it’s nothing compared to the training you’ll receive at an airline. If you can’t keep up at the airlines or bust your checkride twice do you really think they’ll say “it’s fine, take your time or take as many tries as you need”? Trust me they won’t.

Chris is correct. If you’re not certain of your abilities you should probably start your training elsewhere and see how it goes. The fact is being a pilot is not something everyone can do.


I’m not sure if you are referring two failing two different checkrides, or failing the the same checkride twice.

I’n the event of more than 2 failed checkrides, you are not gaurenteed a job with ATP, but they look at it on a case by case basis.

Same thing with failing the same checkride twice, you will not be instantly kicked out.