ATP Flight training, and a associate's degree?

I live in Nasvhille, TN, and the state offers the Tennesse Promise Scholarship. Which is where you can attend a community college for free, and earn an associates degree. Would it be worth while to seek a 2 year associates degree, while i attend flight training to help land a great commercial airline job?

Hello Dustin,

If you’re planning on attending ATP, no. There is no time for anything else
during the program.

Furthermore, to be eligible to attend ATP one needs at least 2 years of
college experience or equivalent work experience. I would suggest getting
your Associates before starting the program. On that note, the majors want
to see a 4 year degree. If you can manage it, it’s best to obtain your
Bachelors degree before starting flight training. If not, then you always
have the option of completing your 4 year degree online once at a regional.



You will not be able to attend college while training with ATP, the demands of the program are simply too much and either your college or your flight training will suffer.
You will not be able to get hired at a major airline without having a four year degree, so you will need to plan on getting one at some point.


Do you have a suggestion on what to major in?

Anything you want. Preferably something not aviation related and you enjoy so you have something to fall back on.


You can major in anything you want. In fact, I would recommend not majoring in aviation as it is always good to have a backup plan. The majors just want to see that you can show four years of being dedicated to something.