ATP Flight Training In New Jersey and New York

Hello All,
I have only been studying this forum for a couple days now and have learned a great deal as well as increased my excitement about being a participant in ATP training and career opportunities. Thank you to all who contribute.

I am 38 and will be living in NYC within the next month to start a new life with my wife whom has a great job there. I have been saving and studying for 2 years in preparation for entering aviation as a career.

Hopefully, I will be accepted into an ATP program at either the New Jersey (closer for me) or Long Island locations. I would like to fulfill the airline pilot career path all the way; including working as a CFI for ATP until I hit the magic (and required) 1,500.

My questions are simple:
Can anyone speak to their experience or knowledge regarding either of these locations? I’m looking for any information really.

Assuming I am successful in the program, I would like to stay in the area as a CFI. I have read and understand ATP policy regarding location placements. I also understand they constantly change. However, I have also read that, at least the New Jersey location, is not exactly a sought after placement.

Does anyone know if there is a better likelihood to get a placement at either of these locations vs. a busier location like Mesa?

Perhaps there’s no way to really answer these. I’m just very curious to know.

Thank you in advance for you time and consideration.

Cheers, Jason.


Welcome to the forums. Keep in mind that the experiences that somebody has now at a location, will be with CFIs that will likely be gone by the time you get there. Everybody is building their flight time towards the 1,500 and very few stay past that time. As to the locations themselves, ATP tries very hard to standardize the locations so that the experience should really not vary much from one location to the next. After all, it is the same program that is offered at every location.


Thank you very much for the reply to my questions.

I fully understand there is a continuous turn over as people get their hours. Honestly, I’m counting on it if I hope to get good hour building opportunities after I’m through the CFI phase.

Does ATP provide room for advancement as a flight instructor if you stay on and want to continue teaching after your 1,500 hours? …I know, who would ever want to do that. I ask because my background includes being an educator so I was wondering if I just wanted to keep teaching is that a possible career at ATP.


Some people do stay on at ATP as training center managers, director of quality control, etc. Most though move on as the airline pay is hard to beat.


Thank you yet again. I realize pay is not comparable, but I’m also thinking about starting a family and wanting to be around most days so other jobs outside of being an airline pilot are options I want to explore.

Thank you for you time.