ATP in Georgetown, TX

I am in the process of deciding on a flight school and am looking at ATP as one of the top contenders. I was wondering I anyone has attended the Georgetown ATP program and how it was.
This is the closest ATP location to me.

Also what made y’all choose or not choose ATP versus other flight schools?
My second contender is Aerogaurd


I’d take a look at the FAQs and our bios as we discuss why we (the mentors) all chose ATP. I suggest you take a look there for now. I’m certain others will chime in.



I chose ATP because I had gone to a smaller, local, flight school and had a horrible experience. They had very limited instructor and aircraft availability, which led to significant delays in my training. I finished my private license there and then decided to seak out a larger school. I had a cousin who had gone through the ATP program and was very pleased with it. Upon his advice I checked out the school myself and was very pleased with it.

Check out a post in the FAQ section called “Questions for Any Prospective Flight School” as it will help lead you in the right direction.