ATP location away from home

I am curious about how much time is spent at the training center vs if some is done online. The closest to me is about 3 hours away.

Thank you!


Virtually nothing at ATP (save the FAA Writtens) is done online and 3hrs is easy too far to commute.

You’d need to arrange housing closer to be successful in the program.


Okay, thats what I was thinking. Is the program a Monday through Friday? Did I read 7 months correctly?


7 months is correct. It’s mainly Mon-Fri BUT you need to be available 7 days a week in case of weather, extra training, etc etc etc.

It’s a full-time commitment for the 7mos.



There is a large portion of ground school that is done online, but you need to be able to be at the airport everyday and to sometimes be able to be there on short notice.

A three hour drive is way too long to even consider.



Twice a week you will do a group ground school with fellow students that started the same phase around the same time as you, over Zoom. That doesn’t also allocate for the time spent in the training center with individuals from your primary location. A 3-hour drive is WAY too far to do, let alone take care of yourself during the program.

I would consider finding closer living arrangements or if the location you’re interested in has housing, partake in ATP housing.