ATP Locations shutting down?

I was currently thinking to start training at the Houston DWH location and to my surprise its not longer listed as a training location. The same thing happened to the south Houston location as well. Is ATP closing all of its Houston locations? Kinda worries me to enroll on the only one remaining location in Houston (currently located in Conroe) only to have ATP shut it down as well. Anybody knows anything about whats going on in Houston?

I can’t remember the exact reason for the absorption of Hooks into Conroe so I can’t quite answer that, but I am currently training at the Conroe location and it is certainly not at risk of shutting down. We are actually expanding quite rapidly and it’s currently in the works to add another classroom as we are expecting even higher numbers by the end of the summer even though we currently sit at around 75 students. The main location for the regional director for the Texas locations is here as well.

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ATP has been in business over 30yrs and during that time there have been many location changes due to a variety of reasons. Congestion, lack of convenience, location costs, etc can all be factors. As Caleb said Conroe is going strong and currently is not at any risk of closing. That said things can and do change so if you’re “thinking” of starting 5 years from now who knows but short term you should be fine.



The Houston locations were consolidated to help the company offer a better, more consistent approach to training. There are currently no plans to shut down the DWH location. In fact, as Caleb said, the location is growing.


Great to hear that Houston is expanding. Hope to see all of you there by the end of the year!

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Yeah they moved to Conroe. I heard it was more convenient for student pilots to depart and practice in the airspace they were required to train which is 10 min from Conroe airport. I’ll start my application in July for the fast track program. I hope I get a spot. See you guys soon.