ATP Nashville

Good Afternoon,

I have a question about ATP Nashville location, has anyone attended this location? I am considering training for Instrument, Multi and Commercial at this location and also looking into CFII-MEI in Jacksonville. What are the best ways to get a loan for the training (Wells Fargo or Salle Mae or Private Loan).

Thank You!!


I know everybody wants to find the “best location”, but you really need to think of it like McDonald’s. ATP strives very hard to standardize all of their locations. All locations are company owned (no franchises) and meet the same standards. The instructors have all had the same training, the airplanes rotate throughout the entire system, and the number instructors is carefully matched to the number of students. I suggest simply picking the location that is most convenient for you and not giving it much else thought.

As for financing, call the admissions department and talk to them about that. The fine people in admissions are experts on financing and can answer your questions a lot better than we can.



As Chris said, pick the location that works best for you and I’m sure you’ll be more than satisfied. Also know that ATP will send you to the CFI Training location that’s available when you’re ready. It will most likely be JAX but it could be elsewhere. As for the loan you really should contact ATP admin but from what I understand SM and Wells don’t offer the best rates. If you have the credit or ability to get you own loan (home equity perhaps?) you’ll probably do better there.


Next Question: After you complete the CFI Program with ATP, can you choose what Location you work at?

At a certain point in the program, you will be offered the choice of several locations to pick from. You can either accept a position at one of those locations or pass altogether. If you do accept a location that is not your preferred location, you can ask for a transfer should your desired location come open.