ATP or American Flyers

Hey, I have done a lot of research on both schools for their fast track programs but I can’t decide which one I wanna go to and was looking for some personal experience and what y’all’s pros and cons to them where.



If you look up and to the left you’ll clearly see the ATP logo as this is their forum. While we’re not salesman, all the mentors on here did our training with ATP and are therefore partial to the program. I actually was in a similar position years ago and had whittled my choices down to ATP and AF. The manager at AF was the one who swung me towards ATP and was very happy he did. While AF has recently created a “fast track” career program ATP practically invented over 30yrs ago. In the last 12 mos alone ATP has placed close to 600 pilots with Regional airline. Something no other flight school in the country can claim. Do your research, ask questions but if you’re asking us, it’s ATP.



Take a look in the FAQ question for a post called “Questions for any prospective flight school” it will help you know what you should be asking. Beyond that, I can tell you this. I have flown with a lot of pilots that went to ATP and absolutely none that went to AF. That isn’t saying that AF isn’t a good school, just that they are certainly not experts in turning out large quantities of pilots.