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I was wondering if you could give me a little more information on ASU’s flight partner ATP then ASU’s website provides. Would you happen to know how many times students are expected to fly a week and how long? Do ASU Professional Flight major students get a flight instructor job at ATP upon completion? Would it be hard to balance college extracurricular activities with flight training here? Thank you so much!

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For questions about ASU, you need to contact ASU. ATP provides the flight training, but everything else is handled through ASU.


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It’s been about 4 years since I worked for ATP, so most of this info is probably outdated and has changed. But to give you an idea - when I instructed for ATP, 90% of what I did was ASU flight training. When I started, students were required to book 2 “flight blocks” per week (minimum). These flight blocks were about 3 hours each, and consisted of usually one hour of pre and post flight ground combined with roughly 2 hours of flying (depends on your stage of the program as these blocks can also be used for sim and ground). At a certain point during my time there, the required flight blocks went up to 3 per week, as they noticed students progressing easier through the program at that amount. As I said, all of this is quite outdated, and you would have to check with the school and that specific ATP location. I highly recommend visiting that location and meeting with the manager (Josh Klein). He is the direct coordinator between ATP and ASU.

I don’t know the formal agreement between the two “schools,” but I can say that every one of my old students who wanted to work for ATP were able to. At a fast pace, they were able to complete all of their ratings in 2 years, but many took the full 4. It depends on the flight blocks and your specific pace of learning. The earlier you finish, the more time you have during the remainder of your college career to build your time towards the 1000 hours required for the RATP. If you finish the program earlier, you will likely stay at the IWA location given that you are still in school there. If you take the full 4 years to complete and have finished your degree, you may not be as likely. I am very unfamiliar with this part of your question as even the ATP policies on this have changed since my time. So calling ATP/ASU would be ideal to check all of this.

As for balancing, all of my flight students seem able to handle it well. The ones who flew 3-4 times a week definitely progressed a lot faster in the program and had to put in less total hours of flying in one rating than students who did less. They were all involved in clubs and obviously regular college life. I’d be happy to give you contact info for some that are still currently there and have better and more up to date info.

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Thank you so much that was a HUGE help! Thank you!

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