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ATP pinged in Delta's new Propel Pilot Career Path Program

According to Delta, under their new commitment to train and hire new pilots consistently throughout the next decade and forevermore, they have taken it under their own wing to produce pilots moreover. Under their employee path, employees who have obtained their PPL, worked for Delta for 3 years, have 100 hours, bachelor’s degree, up to date on FAR, and other company requirements are eligible to apply for the Propel Path program which includes approved leave to attend flight school with either ATP or Flight Safety academy, and return in 3 years to fly for a connection carrier. More information can be found on the Propel webpage and ATP’s website.


Looks like a great opportunity for someone who’s current a Delta employee AND has 4yr degree. That said for everyone else ATP (and LOTS of hard work) can also get you there pretty quickly.



Great info. Thanks!