ATP preview from a current student


Good afternoon! I have recently come across this young lad’s channel in the search for more information about ATP and what its like as a student. I know most of you are like me. and want to find out what going through ATP is like. check out this page.

he is currently enrolled in ATP and is going through all of the training. he posts weekly videos and updates of the activities that he is going through. and also has a few tips for the people considering going through it. very informative channel for future students of ATP.

Kinda cool!

Thanks for the find Bryan.


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I’ve been following him for some time now. He is currently undergoing the CFI portion of training I think, which started on 10/6 I believe. It was good to follow his journey as he progressed thru the program.


I can’t imagine how he has time to make and edit those videos, but it is pretty cool that he is doing it.


Just wanted to chime in and say that I have been following this guy since the beginning and he is fantastic! Really one of the only sources of up-to-date ATP info available on Youtube. I would highly recommend all of his videos but especially the Q & A one. His attitude is infectious!