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ATP programs

hey guys.
I would like to know what is that difference between the Airline Career Pilot and the International Airline Carer Pilot?


The International program is for International students (ie, non-US) who are planning to work for foreign carriers (not to be confused with US students who want to fly internationally). It offers the EASA conversion to a European licenses or the student can do that themselves when they get home.



What if a US student wants to fly abroad? You mentioned it above, but how does that work?

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That’s why I said “not to be confused with…”. If you fly for a US carrier your airline will acquire (if necessary) a crew visa to enter foreign countries and your FAA licenses are accepted by the ICAO worldwide. The difference is if you actually want to be EMPLOYED BY A FOREIGN COUNTRY you need to obtain the licenses required but that country. Make sense?



If you want to fly for an airline based in another country you will need to contact that airline and ask what certifications they require. Overseas airlines operate under the rules of their home country, so it can vary greatly from state to state.