ATP School now vs later?

A little background:

I am graduating this December with a 4-year university degree. I will have no debt. I have a job offer in sales, but I want to go into aviation.

Should I (a) Get a PPL as I work in the sales job for a year, then quit to go to ATP school or (b) start in January with getting a PPL then go to ATP school.

I would be financing for the ATP school, not for a PPL (unless do PPL at ATP school).

I hear a lot about seniority so the sooner the better or less in debt??


If you know for sure that you want to fly for an airline, the faster you get there the better.


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Seniority is everything at the airlines. While no one likes debt either way you’ll have some but the one year can equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars over a career.

Sooner is always better.


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I completely agree with Tory. The sooner the better.

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