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Is there any ATP school that’s the best out of all other ATP schools or there are few that offer better facilities and environments for training.


The answer is an enthusiastic no. Before any ATP instructor is sent to their location they all undergo Standardization training to insure the students receive the same level of training throughout the ATP network. In addition all the aircraft are rotated as well.

Pick a location that works best for you. If you’re you’re going soon personally I’d fly south for the winter :slight_smile:


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I feel rather strongly that all of the locations are good locations. Keep in mind that all of the instructors nationwide go through ATP’s standardization program in Jacksonville before they are sent out to the field, so the instructors should all be up to the same standards. Also, management keeps a close eye on all of the locations and makes sure that they all offer a good experience for the students.

At the end of the day the best location is truly the location that works best for you.


Do you know how long the standardization program is, and if you get paid during it?


Standardization is one week long, but can sometimes stretch out to two weeks depending on weather. Instructors are paid during this time at their monthly rate of $1,500 per month ($375 per week), plus housing is included.


Hi guys!
Got a question about ATP instruction locations. If you need to be at an specific location, say I live in Daytona Beach and would like to instruct at Daytona Beach, is there any limitations to it or would I have to go instruct at any other ATP location? If this is so, will ATP pay me as instructor and house and living expenses?
I’m curious about this since this is a big major part on the decision whether going to ATP or not.


You might be assigned to a different location at first, it really depends on what the company needs at that time. But usually it is for a short period of time, especially in your case because DAB is a bigger location and there is a larger need for CFIs there.



As Yarden says while your chances of getting Daytona are good, they are not guaranteed. ATP will ask for 3 choices and do your best to get you there. Also while ATP offers reduced rate housing to all Instructors, whether you get the location of your choice has no effect on the cost nor will they pay your living expenses.


Thanks Yarden and Adam for your responses!