ATP student schedule

Hello everyone! I’m in the process of applying to ATP and I know atp will require me to basically not work at all. I do have a volunteer commitment every monday mornings from 9-12, do you think it is doable to do my volunteer work for those 3 hours while attending atp or no?

A 3-hour commitment once a week should not be a problem. You will have to be sure to coordinate that with your instructor. Be mindful that if you have a checkride that is scheduled for a Monday regardless of the time, it will take priority.


No one can promise that your volunteering won’t interfere. Like Sergey said, it will come down to you and your instructor.

There are also phases of the program that are away from your training center. ATP has a timeline of these events on their website.



I personally think that you need to put the volunteer commitment on hold. This is a very accelerated program, you cannot throw additional commitments on top of it and still expect it to be a nine month program.

Also, it will be rather hard in the airlines to honor a weekly commitment like that, especially as a new hire.


Hello Sergey, I’m freshly new here and have no idea how to message users directly. Is there any chance i can ask you a couple questions privately? Thanks in advance!

There’s no private messaging on this forum but I’m on FB Messenger. Pretty easy to find :blush:

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