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I have been looking at ATP for a while now and I still have some questions I could not seem to find anywhere else. I plan on applying after I finish my associates next May. Unfortunately, I live in Kansas so I do not have an ATP location near me to tour/get insights on. I would like to apply for the Long Beach location. This being said, I don’t know how housing would work, or where I would take my intro flight, etc. Could someone inform me on a basic timeline (or provide theirs)? I apologize if these questions are kind of broad, I just want as much information as possible before committing and moving across the country for this program.


Many of the answers are in the FAQ section and some searching on this site. I also recommend you give ATP Admin a call.

As for housing it’s available at some locations but depends on availability (again check with Admin). You will have to make your way to an ATP location for the Admission flight at some point. If you’ve never flown in a small plane I suggest you go up locally before you do anything else. No point in pursuing this only to find out it’s not something you really care for.

Hope that helps some?


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From a prospected students eyes is what I have done is definitely do research from the website, it’s very thorough. I also have asked many questions on a personal thread in which Tory, Adam, and Chris have been very helpful. I made an initial call the other day and spoke on the phone with a Cierra for a good 15 minutes and Mike last night for 20 minutes both regarding different questions about the timleine, specifics from the website, and finances. A good recommendation I can say is look at the website, print out some things you may have questions and call! It’ll be very helpful and I was thanked by a rep for having done research and simply just verifying everything I’ve read. I also learned that at the one center I’m looking to go to that the rep who answered is actually from a nearby town that I grew up in…kind of a small world!


I appreciate the replies. Thanks for your help!

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