ATP transfer for instruction

Question here about the guaranteed flight instructor job on the back end of the 9 month program.
I have my discovery flight on Wednesday and I am planning on starting ATP in September in the Gig Harbor location. My question is, if I was looking into moving to San Diego after completing the program, would the job opportunity be transferrable to the San Diego Campus of ATP? Thanks for the help!


You are guaranteed a job, not a location. If the location you want has too many instructor they’d have to send you somewhere else


Even if you stayed in Gig Harbor the location is not guaranteed. At the end of your training ATP will give you a list of available locations. Hopefully there’s one that works for you. If not you can either suck it up and take one less desirable or you can look for a job on your own.


Maybe I’ll see you around though. I’m at the PAE location


You can always put in a transfer request to your desired location after you have started instructing.


Thank you all for your help! I’ll keep my eye out for you Joshua.