ATP vs Part 141 - Which is Faster to Regionals?

Hello Folks!

I recognize there will be some bias here, but I’d like some objective considerations you’ve made and why you believe ATP or Part 141 may be faster than another.

Thank you very much!

Definitely ATP. If you work hard like a $100k of your money depends on it, it is a more flexible and speedy way to go. I know folks who have started six months ahead of me, and are just now finishing their CFI training. I’ve been instructing since May of last year. Your mileage may vary…

Bias aside, ATP will take you from 0 to CFII in 9mos. There’s not a single 141 school that comes close to that time frame. They can’t because of the structure of Part 141. Faster to instructor means faster to 1500hrs means faster to a Regional.

That said this is not a race and you should be seeking the school that has the best reputation, success rate and quality of training. ATP checks all those boxes too.


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