ATP VS Spartan

Hello everyone! My name is jeremy. I’m 24 years old and it’s been a life long dream to become a pilot!

That being said I’ve tried to do as much research as possible about the different schools out there…

I applied for a student loan for ATP and there is no way I would get accepted…

I chose to continue with spartan because they will use my GI bill, ATP would not. ( I do not remember the reason they gave me)

Any advice on the matter would be amazing :slight_smile:

Thank you!!


Hello Jeremy,

The reason ATP can’t use your GI Bill is that ATP is not a Part 141 school and the govt will only cover Part 141 schools. The reason ATP is Part 61 (vs 141) is there’s no way ATP could offer their accelerated curriculum under the very “time specific” FAA requirements of Part 141.

As for advice I’m not sure what you’re asking? You say you “chose to continue with Spartan” which implies you’ve started and are training with Spartan which is fine. I’ve never been one to second guess a decision after it’s been made. My only advice I have is study and work hard. Good luck.