ATP with PPL inquiry

Hey all!

I am curious about joining atp with my PPL (when i get it)

I’m currently a 16 years old college student at Embry Riddle in Los Angeles. My goal is to do ATPs 6 month program. I am getting my PPL in the summer of 2020, ideally in May when I turn 17. My main question is the age requirement for ATPs 6 month program. My main question is i know you need to be 18 to get your commercial license, but can I start ATP when I’m 17 1/2 to then get all those licenses when I turn 18? Or do you need to be 18 to start?

I look forward to where this discussion takes me! Thanks all in advance



I believe the min age is 18 but they may be able to accommodate you but you’d have to ask ATP admin to be certain.



You need to be 18 to enroll in ATP.


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