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ATP's Leniency with National Guard

I am currently a sophomore at a 4 year university and enrolled in the ROTC program. After I graduate, I plan to commission into the National Guard as an officer. At the same time, I intend to pursue my commercial pilot career through ATP. That being said, is ATP lenient with National Guard obligations? I have read several posts concerning time commitments and many of the advice suggest to not have a part time job as ATP is such a fast paced course. I would like to get my certifications though ATP, and I am ready to work hard to balance the two, but will ATP allow myself to potentially miss training due to drill and deployments?


Call ATP about this one tomorrow. I know they are okay with drills, but a deployment they might take issue with. Again, call and ask them for a direct answer.



Monthly and the 2 week yearly drills aren’t a problem, deployment is a completely different situation.

As Tory said you need to contact ATP but if you’re planning on going active duty there’s no way it could work.



ATP has been working with military students for decades, call the Admissions department and speak with them, they can tell you how they will accommodate your schedule.


I’m an Air Force Reserve officer that had a break in ATP training, so I can weigh in here. I started ATP’s ACCP and completed the Crew portion of the training before I had to put the program on pause to attend a professional military education course for a year. ATP was super easy to work with - I simply provided my orders and they put me in a suspended status until I returned. It was incredibly challenging to jump right back into ATP at the Commercial phase of training after being away for so long but it is doable. If possible, I’d recommend trying to get through ATP without any interruptions and schedule your military service around ATP if possible. If not, its still realistic to serve in the Reserve component and get through ATP.