Attending ATP Jets for ATP CTP

I had the opportunity to attend ATP Jets for my Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP). This was an awesome experience as I got to firsthand see the ATP Jets facility and meet instructors that were formerly military and airline captains. I was also able to meet students from across the aviation network from CFIs to military pilots moving onward in their careers. During my 8 days I connected with many classmates that I will eventually be seeing again in my airline and class.

ATP CTP was a week of ground and simulator training that exposed us to topics like aerodynamics, adverse weather conditions, leadership development and much more. My week was composed of 31 hours ground and 10 hours simulator time: 4 hours on a Frasca CRJ (Level 4 FTD) and 6 hours on an A320-200 (Level D FSS). The two instructors that taught my ground were amazing, I was thoroughly happy with how they presented the material and interacted with the class. At the end of the 30 hours of ground, you take a 35 question quiz which summarizes the material.

I would say there was not one specific material that was taught that I found to be more interesting than another. Everything taught in the class is worth every minute as it is your career. The videos that are shown help solidify the importance of safety and being fit for duty.

I’ve never had the opportunity to sit in a full motion simulator until this class and I felt like a kid in a candy shop. The events around the simulator sessions were: Runway Safety and Adverse Weather, High Altitude Operations, and Stall & Upset Prevention/Recovery. After completing the required tasks, we had the opportunity to fly a few approaches both on autopilot and hand fly. On one approach we did an autoland to 700ft visibility - talk about neat and interesting. I was fortunate and had the evening lessons. I think the latest we got out was 12:30am after our debrief.

And yes, I had to chime the seatbelt sign a few times. It was one of those “pinch me, I’m dreaming type of moments.” Below are a few photos I have from my time at ATP Jets:

One of many classrooms at the ATP Jets facility, nostalgic to my college lecture days.

One of many simulators in the Avenger Flight Group building located next door to ATP Jets - these things are massive.

We used the callsign, JETS01 for sims.

Runway 18C at Memphis, MEM.

We can’t forget the Texas food either, if you attend ATP Jets, I highly recommend Hard Eight BBQ:



Sounds like a pretty awesome experience. I want some Texas BBQ now!


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Thanks for the write up and the pictures, I am glad it went well.


Chris & Tory,

Thank you both! I’m looking forward to my time in indoc/ground school and preparing for the line.

Maybe I’ll be lucky and get back to DFW for sims and get more Texas BBQ. :grin: