August 2017

Mixed bag this month. Was kinda dragging so I swapped my last few trips to “crew” in the sim. Easy money and always educational and beneficial.

8/1-8/4 OFF
8/5-8/7 Removed from Trip w/Check Pilot (Pay Protected! WooHoo!)
8/8 OFF
8/10 Day in LAX
8/11 LAX-HNL
8/12 HNL-KIX
8/13 Day in KIX
8/14 KIX-HNL
8/15-8/16 OFF
8/17-8/20 Sim Crewing
8/21-8/22 OFF
8/23-8/25 Sim Crewing
8/26 OFF
8/27-8/28 Sim Crewing
8/29-8/31 OFF

Credit 87.5hrs

Not to bad. When are you going over to the 717? Bittersweet?

Hopefully (?) training in October. I’ll keep everyone posted.


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For your last few days you put down sim training. What does that entail? 8 hours of doing sims? And how does your pay look like when doing sims?


Actually I wrote (and have) “Sim Crewing”, not training. As I wrote in my post I was dragging and didn’t really feel like flying so I swapped my last few trips to “crew”. What that means is there was a pilot doing training and for some reason he had no sim partner. In this particular case his partner washed out of training ( and went back to his current aircraft). They therefore need another pilot to fly in the sim with the person doing the training. It’s 6hrs of sim (incl breaks) but we get paid 5hrs at our pilot pay rate. Many pilots don’t like it but as I said I think it’s a great opportunity to train and improve your skills while not really being the focus so no stress.