August ‘22 Alaska FO Schedule

Check me out! That’s right! Look who got a line for August!

I had to perform some wizardry to get a decent schedule though. This is what I was originally awarded…6 red eyes, 14 days off:

This is what I actually flew…0 red eyes, 18 days off, 67.3 hours of flying, paid for 79.5:

I managed to recreate my entire schedule by trading trips with other pilots or with the company.

While our contract needs work, I am loving the schedule flexibility!



That’s some serious wizardry if I’ve ever seen it. First line and 18 days off no redeyes!

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What is the issue with red eyes? I love flying them, but to be fair, my trips end with them, not start with them.

One red eye at the end of a trip, no problem.

Not only do we have red eyes at the beginning of trips, we have “short backs” and all nighters.

Short backs leave around 9, 10, 11p and get in early the next morning. We get about 12-16 hours to sleep during the day, then we are back out that same night. Efficient. Many pilots prefer them. Me? No thanks. I would have to keep my body adjusted to the back side of the clock to survive and I refuse to.


Hi Tory, did you also find that your time spent at Horizon had similar schedule flexibility?


To be honest, I never experimented enough to know if rearranging my entire schedule at Horizon was possible. But from what I do remember I would say that I did not have the same flexibility. Reason being is that Horizon is much smaller in comparison. So, there were fewer trips to trade with. Plus, Horizon does very few, if any, red eye flying. So, I didn’t have the same need to adjust my schedule in the way that I do now.

Lastly, Horizon uses PBS, a far superior bidding system than what Alaska currently has. If you go back to some of my old Horizon schedules you will see that most of them were fairly reasonable as is.