I feel like when I might become a pilot planes will no longer have pilots should I be worried to some extent

Please do a search of the forum as this has been thoroughly discussed, but no, I wouldn’t worry one bit about this.


I just watched this week’s episode of The Walking Dead and I’m worried about the zombie apocalypse! The good news is as of today they can’t even make a self-driving car, SkyNet hasn’t become self-aware, as far as I can tell I’m not living in the Matrix(?) and none of the people I know who have passed have come back to eat me. I other words think of something else to worry about :slight_smile:


Thank you I don’t have to worry that much now

I want to be a pilot so bad at this point I don’t think I’d let the thought of automation scare me. People keep telling me “they practically fly themselves” anyways. I just want to be in the air, I think most people here would agree!