Aviation Day 2022

On Saturday, May 7, I was joined by Meghann and Mariano to represent ATP at the annual Aviation Day event, sponsored by Alaska Airlines! Meghann and Mariano both currently instruct at the Paine Field ATP Training Center.

This year over 1200 students, grades 6-12, attended this inspiring event to learn about the various paths that lead to the airline industry. The event took place at the Alaska Airlines Maintenance Hangar and the Alaska Airlines Training Center in SEA. Learn more here: https://alaskaair-aviationday.org/

This was my first time volunteering for the event, but it will not be the last!



Very cool Tory!

Nice ALPA lanyard! :wink:


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I saw this on ATP’s instagram story and knew you looked familiar. :rofl:

Very cool, Tory!


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Awesome experience for those kids!

That’s amazing! I wish they had things like this when I was school aged (yea I know like 30+ years ago lol)