Hi guys I’m 16 and currently attend high school in London in yr 11 just about to take my GCSEs and I can say that I’m very good in science in every test I keep on getting grades like As and I’m passionate about learning it however I’m pretty good in maths as well I can say that if I push hard I can get an A currently I’m on a B.My problem is that if Im not good at English and I’m just about a C is it going to affect my dream to become a pilot ?I wear glasses as well but I can see colours but but just not from far away the writings,is it going to affect me in aviation?And what I would need to study in the future for college because I will have to pick 3 or 4 subjects to perform an A level in each then go to an Aviation school.I have to mention that I don’t want to work for a big company or get highly paid just want to follow and reach my dream .And I would need an answer about what ways and some tips to follow in the future to get in an Aviation school and what grades should I get .Cheers.


Unfortunately this forum is predominantly for pilot and those who want to become pilots in the United States. The rules and requirements are very different in the UK and Europe so I recommend you contact some of the aviation schools in the UK or visit some of the forums there.