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Bachelor Major Question


I will be starting training with ATP within the next few weeks. I do not currently have a degree but I plan on completing training, then working at a regional while I obtain one. I already have about 70 credit hours and I am aware that after ATP the certs and licenses will add to that. My question is what would be a good degree to major in? Should I major in something in the aviation field or something totally outside the box as a backup to potential trouble in the skies during poor economic times? I currently work in I.T. and many of my current credits are related to that. Do the major airlines care what your major was?

My apologies if this has already been asked. I tried to comb through the other posts and see if it had been.

Thanks in advance for your time.


The field of study really does not matter when it comes to the majors. I would pick whatever gets you a degree the fastest and just stick with that.

Make sure that you get your degree from a reputable and accredited college.



As Chris said get a degree in whatever you like. However, since you mention “I am aware that after ATP the certs and licenses will add to that” you have to know only an aviation degree will give you credit for pilot licenses and rating. If you go for a degree in Accounting they’re not going to give you credit for your Commercial Pilot rating. Therefore if you went with a degree in Aviation you could probably save some time and money.