Bachelor online /1000 hours

I currently have my Associate’s degree in Business Admin. I’m taking lessons at a private club to get my PPL. I’m planning on getting the PPL first and starting ATP next July.
My question is, if I get my Bachelors’s in aviation online, will that count towards the ATP hour requirement? I know that if you have a degree you only need 1000 hrs VS. 1500. And is there any online school that is recommended? or would you guys mind sharing your experience?
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Your degree and/or coursework must be from specific approved schools and degree programs to qualify for the reduced hour R-ATP certificate. Additionally, the majority of your flight training must be completed at one of the part 141 university flight schools. Here is the current FAA approved program list

If you do your flight training through ATP, you will have to get 1500 hours for the ATP rating. You would not qualify for any RATPs with less hours - regardless of whether you have a degree or not. The only RATPs that are possible for students of ATP is the lowered age (21) and the lowered xc time (200).


Just to clarify, your fight training MUST be part of the degree program to qualify for any R-ATP hour reduction.


Other than the reduced XC time, yes.

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