Bachelor's Aviation Management Lynn University

Hey All! I am a long time lurker, first time poster. I have not begun ATP yet bc I am still waiting on receiving my first class medical before I begin my training. I have started my bachelor’s in Aviation Management through Lynn University online. As of June 11, 2020 their program is on the FAA’s list as qualifying for the 1,000 hours requirements. The total program is 120 credit hours. I was able to transfer in 75 credit hours from alternate credit programs from Straighterline,, and I am beginning Lynn this fall and should complete the remaining 45 credits for my program by the end of next fall. This is the quickest and cheapest way I have found to complete a degree from an FAA approved program and qualify for the lower hours requirements. I thought I would post and share my experience. Thanks to all you folks who have posted in the past. You all have been instrumental in helping me stay motivated and focused!


Keep in mind, per the FAR, to get the ATP-R hour reduction your flight training must be done as part of the degree program. Simply getting the degree will not be sufficient.


Thank you for the clarification, Adam!