Bachelor's Degree for Majors

I’m just curious to ask this question because i quiet remember Adam said he used to be in the hiring team at Express jet.
I have 3 year Certificate in Education from 2002 to 2005 and 2 year diploma (associate) in Education from 2007 to 2009 which i both obtained outside USA.
I applied for Evaluation into US Equivalent and World Education Service(WES) came out with 5years of undergraduate studies with 156 college credits with 3.29 GPA. I believe the maximum college credits to graduate with bachelor’s is 128. Now, i have 156 college credits but no bachelor’s degrees, funny but sad.
Now i have two questions;

  1. Let’s assume I’m applying for a major airline today, for sure i can’t tick that i have a bachelor’s degree but is there an option like OTHER that i may outline my situation?
  2. If there’s an option like OTHER and i put 5yrs undergraduate studies and attach my transcript, do you think it will be considered since the ultimate goal for demanding 4years bachelor’s degree is to make sure the individual can commit to one thing for a reasonable number of years?

Besides the answers to my questions, anyone on the forum with the idea of how to proceed to get the bachelor’s will be welcomed. I know there are no course advisors here but some can be equally knowledgeable like them based on experience.
Thanks everyone.


I’m no expert but I have to believe there’s a way to convert or represent your credits in a way that’s acceptable (as there are many foreign pilots in the US) but to honest I have no idea what that is? If it were me I’d be doing my research. Many of the Majors use for recruitment. I’d contact them as they may be able to give you more info.


Thanks a lot, i will research as much as i can.