Background Check Odd Question

I came from a very dysfunctional family who I am completely detached from. When I was a teen I was forced to move out and most of my family got restraining orders on out of spite. This is not uncommon behavior from them. None of them were granted but I’m curious if it will cause a problem in the future. Also I have a question about wrongful arrests. I was once wrongly identified and arrested for a crime I knew nothing about. The next morning I got released on bail which a week later the bail bonds had sent me a letter stating that I did not have to make the payments due to wrongful arrest. When I was processed they booked me under my name for “disrupting the public” and not for the felony they cuffed me for when they identified me wrong. This was dropped shortly after since the judge saw that I was wrongfully arrested under the wrong identity and they threw charges on me just to cover their hides. I’m just curious since the background checks are thorough. Will my misfortunes cost me my dream.


If everything you say is true then you should be ok? If no restraining orders were granted then you didn’t have any against you and if all the charges were dropped then the same there. My biggest suggestion would be to make sure you have supporting evidence of the charges and arrest being dropped when it comes up (which it will) and more important make sure these unfortunate wrongful events stop happening.

One mistaken event ok. Two? Hmmmm maybe. Three or more we have to believe you’re more than just unlucky.



If all of the charges were really dropped, then I think you will be fine. Either way though, be sure to keep your record perfectly clean as you move forward. And like Adam said, make sure you have every bit of possible paperwork to back up your version of events here.