Background driving record

Hello all I’m doing research on becoming a pilot. I was woundering if anything on your driving or general background would prevent you in finding jobs. Or even maintaining a certain license or certification.

You will undergo a background check and submit your driving record when applying for the airlines. A speeding ticket or two wouldn’t raise many flags but having multiple, or serious driving offenses would. On the background check, any convictions could have a big implication on future employment.



It depends on the severity of the offense, how long ago, and the frequency. The first step is to see if you qualify for a 1st Class Medical. Thereafter, you will need to keep your record clean and be open and honest about all offenses in your interview.



Driving records (other than DUIs) generally aren’t a problem unless it’s excessive or your license has been suspended or revoked. There are actually MANY things in your background that could pose a problem or cause you to lose your medical in the future.

As Tory said the first step is seeing if your qualify for a medical.



It really depends on how extensive of a driving record we are talking about here. A few tickets are not going to be a huge deal, but throw in reckless, DUI, etc and the conversation changes significantly.