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Dating back about 20 years ago, I got into trouble a few times and even acquired a couple of felonies. Since, I’ve gotten into no trouble and my life, beliefs, values, knowledge have changed and evolved greatly. I have been extremely successful in my career as a fuel tanker truck driver which required heavy background screening. Also, I owned and operated a specialty licensed Assisted Living Facility, Nurse Registry and Private Group Home, which all required a level 2 background screening; I was provided with exemption to operate. Also, I was a licensed owner of a property preservation company with a thorough background screening. Also, I was partnered with an ADT Home Security authorized dealer and had to go through heavy background screening for that as well. My obvious question is:

Will my background be a problem and if so can I overcome that problem somehow with evidence of a much different good moral character? And if so, could I do so, before signing up for a huge debt in education, so I could be reassured it wouldn’t all be for nothing?


You’ll have to answer honestly to the question about legal trouble in applying for a first class medical. You also may want to call the recruiters at a few airlines. Typically as long as there has been 10 years since the incident and you’ve been clean ever since… you might be alright.

Again, all this is subject to hiring demands. If the demand continues, you may be okay but as soon as hiring slows and the supply of jobs dwindles… you may have difficulty.


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20yrs is a long time ago and if you’ve remained clean you may be ok? Thing is the nature of the crimes could be an issue. If they are drug or alcohol related that will mean you’ll need to jump through some hoops and spend some money to get your First Class Medical as the FAA is not a fan of those offenses. That really should be your first step. If you can’t get a medical you’re done.

If the crimes were violent in nature that goes back to our conversation regarding appearances in the event of a “bad day”. As Hannah said, I’d contact some recruiters and see their thoughts.


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Thank you both and all for everyone’s help.