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Bad Elf External GPS for Ipad-Which One?

Good Morning!

So I was gifted a brand new, in the box, 2018 Ipad that does not have cellular. I called ATP training twice and two different people confirmed I can buy an external GPS that works off of Bluetooth and it meets the requirement as I obviously do not want to go spend an additional 1k when I have a perfectly good Ipad in a box. The training tech recommended the “Bad Elf” brand however he did not recommend a model. When I called back I was connected with a different specialist who told me they could not recommend a model and suggested I wait until my first day and ask some of the trainers. I dont want to show up unprepared so I was wondering if anyone here had any advice. I was looked at the bad elf pro model. Reviews of Bad Elf Pro Bluetooth GPS Receiver for iPad / iPhone -

Please let me know!

Hi Carli,

I use a Sentry ( with my ipad. It gives both GPS and ADS-B In, so traffic shows up on the ForeFlight map. The Sentry was pricy, but it shows traffic that the G1000 sometimes misses. I’ve found that it’s also more accurate than the GPS inside the iPad as well!

Good luck!

Hi Bennett,

Thank you! Any thoughts on the Sentry Mini? I was reading reviews late yesterday and the sentry had better customer feedback overall compared to bad elf, but I would like to keep the price slightly lower.

Let me know and I appreciate your advice :slight_smile: This forum is great!


Hey Carli,

I would say the biggest downside of the sentry mini is the lack of battery. So you can have it plugged into a battery pack, but it’s one more thing to remember to charge every night. If you can remember that, I bet it’s a good option!


Unfortunately I can’t provide any helpful suggestions on external GPS, but if battery life is a concern buy a rechargeable external battery. They’re a good thing to have for your iPad anyway.