Base question

  1. When I read some of the Pilot forums many new pilots seem to universally dread being assigned to LGA. Is that because of cost of living or flying conditions?

  2. If you hold a line at a base (e.g. DFW) and you live in base do you see pilots later not be able to hold that base and end up having to commute to a new base?


  1. NY in general has a “bad reputation” for many people. I’m not sure why (thinking it’s too many scary movies). That aside the cost of living in NY is higher than many other places so that’s probably the biggest issue. The flying is fine.

  2. Not really sure what you’re asking? Generally the more you gain seniority the more secure your schedule and base become. Many pilots start out commuting but can eventually get to the base they want.



I am not a fan of flying out of LGA for several reasons.

  1. The runways are short and are over water, which can lead to icy conditions in the winter.

  2. The terminals look like they were built in 1940, are crowded and have very limited dining options.

  3. It is very difficult to get from one terminal to another and can take significant time.

  4. The airport is not accessible via any train or subway, only buses.

  5. The cost of living is very high.

In regards to your other question, base displacements are rare, but they do happen.