Basic Pilot Questions


I’m considering a career as a Commercial Pilot, but am starting from zero. Since people here are pilots, maybe you can help me with a few basic things to know if taking the next step is a good idea for me.

I am 6’8" and 275lbs., is my height and/or weight an issue for commercial piloting? (I can do something about the weight, but not the height :sweat_smile:.)

I am 34 years old as of April, am I too old to beginning a piloting career?

What is a typical, general, time frame for a pilot career, as in, time from a new recruit with an airline to being 1st chair captain?


I recommend you visit our FAQ section as it will answer many if not all your questions. The only exception is the height/weight question. While you can absolutely be a commercial pilot at your size you may have some difficulty finding training aircraft to accommodate you comfortably. ATP would actually not accept you as a student.



Please check out the FAQ sections as many of your questions will be addressed there.

I will be honest, your height is going to be a factor as you will likely be very uncomfortable in many of the training aircraft that are out there. But don’t take my word for it, go out to your local airport and check out their airplanes for yourself.


Adam -

Do you have approximate weight/height max numbers that would disqualify a student?


Chris, Adam -

Thank you for your input. I have sat in a Piper Archer, and though it was a bit tight, I think it may work, but I will not know for sure unless I have opportunity to go up in one.