Basic Requirement Questions

Aloha from Hawaii!
I just had a couple of questions about the requirements. I am going to be moving to WA here in a few weeks and I’m currently looking into the ATP Flight school tacoma. I read in a previous question that someone had asked about eye sight and the requirement for that. I do wear glasses and contacts so obviously that was one of my biggest concerns as far as requirements. I do have an appointment with my eye doctor in 3 weeks so i’ll have an updated prescription. I also had spoken to this nice gentlemen a while back who had mention I would have to obtain a first class medical exam before starting the program and I was wondering how I start on that part. As far as physical requirements, if there is any, I’m hoping I fit the requirements for that as well. I’m 5’2" and I weigh about 106. I know i’m a little tiny, but I am also fit and in shape. I’m sure I have lots more questions to ask, but I just wanted to get this part figured out first Thank you!



For the civilian (airline) world, glasses and contacts are fine as long as you can be corrected to 20/20 with them. I always get an updated prescription myself before my medical exams, just to make sure that I am seeing as clearly as possible.

You can find a Medical Examiner here:

Make sure to get a first class medical, just to make sure that you don’t run into any issues later.



I currently live in Seatac, WA and just got my medical renewed by Randal
Franke. You should be able to find him through the link Chris sent you. If
not I can send you his contact info.


Aloha back at ya from Kailua!

As the guys said your vision and finding an AME should be no problem. Finally while you’re definitely petite, I know one female pilot who’s 5’ even so you should be fine. You’ll actually be much more comfy in the small planes then the big guys so that’s a plus.