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Becoming a Captain

How hard is it to become a captain for a major Airline? What kind of steps and tips can one follow to become a Captain for a Major airline and specifically on an airplane like the boeing 737? I’m sure that one must be a leader and very skilled pilot to become a Captain.


It’s funny you should ask as I know quite a few things about the subject since I’m in fact nearing the end if the process now myself. Now most people will tell you that EVERYTHING at the airlines is based on seniority (which is true) and to upgrade it’s simply a matter of waiting for your number to come up. Personally while that’s true to some extent it’s really not that simple. I prefer to say seniority affords you the opportunity to upgrade because the truth is not everyone is successful. An upgrade candidate must demonstrate a certain level of knowledge, skill, judgment and yes leadership (aka command authority). That said after flying as an FO for years, IF you’ve been paying attention, it’s not that hard. Apparently even I can do it :slight_smile:



Thanks again Adam, and congrats :100::100:

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