Becoming a Commercial airline Pilot

Hello! My name is Cody Swank and I am 16 years old. I am a sophomore in highschool and wanted to know how did you decide this is what you wanted to do? I have no background on being a pilot or have any family members that are. Ever since I was little I always thought that airplanes were cool but never thought about being a pilot until this past month and doing a flight simulator on an app on my phone. I only go on an airplane like once a year to go on vacation. I guess my question is, does it matter if I dont have a huge background in being a pilot and how do I know that this is the job for me? Is it scary going 40,000 feet in the sky everyday? Please help me decide if this the industry I want to go into! Afterall I am only 16 and am trying to get my mind set on what I want to do as a career.


I too always thought airplanes were “cool” but like you had no background, family or friends to ask (which is why this forum is great). The single best thing you can do is go down to your local flight school and take an Intro flight/lesson. While there’s no doubt airplanes are cool and sitting in the back is exciting until you’re sitting upfront with your hands on the controls you honestly won’t know so you need to go fly!

As to your second question no it’s not scary at 40,000’. If/when you become a pilot you’ll learn that altitude is your friend. The scary stuff happens down low! :wink:

Btw, make sure and take a look at the FAQ section. There’s tons of great info on the process of becoming a pilot.


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Thank you so much!


There is no need to have a background in aviation. In fact, many new pilots do not. At some point though, you will need to do an introductory flight. Actually flying an airplane is a far cry from riding on one or using a flight simulator.


Thank you!