Becoming a pilot but not with a major in aviation

Hi. I just graduated high school and I am attending a community college near me for 2 years to get an associates, but I want to be a pilot and the community college has no classes that really help with becoming a pilot. I am transferring to a college after these 2 years though that has aviation and everything required to become a pilot, and I’ll be there for 2 years also (going for bachelors) but that won’t get me a major in aviation. Is that ok?


It’s okay if your degree is not in aviation. You can still strive and work towards being a pilot one day. Prime example, I’m graduating this August with my bachelors in Social Science, and then plan on attending ATP. The bachelors degree can be in any subject really, the Major airlines just like to see the 4 yr degree checked off. Now the mentors may give a more in depth answer to your question, but I figured I could help out some.



There is absolutely no need to major in aviation. In fact, I recommend that you major in something else just in case the whole pilot thing doesn’t work out (medical reasons, etc). My major is in business administration and I have never once been questioned about that.


I guess I never thought about it that way. I really hope pilot works out but it is a good idea to have a plan B. Thank you very much.


Literally only a handful of the pilots I know (and I know ALOT) have their degrees in aviation. You’re all good.