Becoming a pilot for SkyWest

Hello im currently working for SkyWest Airlines as a Ramp Agent . My company is offering a Professional Leave of Absence program for 2 year . I’ve been really interested in becoming a Pilot for SkyWest . Anyone worked for SkyWest as a ramper and moved up ? How was your experience , was it worth making the change ? How difficult is the work ?


I’ve never worked for SkyWest or moved through their ranks (hopefully someone will chime in), but as far as is it worth making the change? No disrespect, as I have nothing but respect for all the ramp crews I’ve worked with over the years, but I’m pretty sure no ramper has ever made $350,000 a year (also pilots also stay warm and dry in the winter and cool in the summer). The work is not difficult at all (in fact it’s fun) but the training is. Becoming a pilot (particularly if you want to do it within your 2yr leave) requires a tremendous amount of study, dedication and hardwork. Only you can decide if it’s worth it to YOU?

Btw, have you ever flown a small plane? If the answer is no before you consider any of this seriously you need to take an intro flight. If there’s an ATP nearby they have a great Intro Flight program ( If not go down to your local flight school. Until you do this whole conversation is purely hypothetical.