Beginning for PPL and financial and school degree


Yes, you completed the correct one.


Chris, Adam
How many days a week was the schooling/flying?


ATP usually trains 5 days a week but depending on the phase, weather, checkride prep it could be 7.


A minimum of five days per week, but those that want to be successful often come in on the weekends. Either way, you will be studying every day.


I’m also from Hawaii. Just curious, are you planning on using ATP housing? Which ATP location have you decided to do your training?

Hey Brandon & Joseph,

I’m also from Hawaii so just thought I’d answer too lol

I’m currently at the Wilmington location and really enjoy it… I should be completed with the program by the summer. I like the East coast because I did get to learn hands on about icing & different weather phenomena that may not occur say in California or essentially warmer places, but it is very far from Hawaii.

Reality is I don’t think you’ll have the time to visit home anyway during the duration of the training, so definitely find a location that you’d be okay with not leaving for a while.

I do know there’s a couple of Hawaii guys at the Seattle location and they said they love it as well, the only thing they battled was the bad weather… but honestly that is in most places. You will come to have a very close relationship with during your private phase lol

I think when you choose a location just take into account do you want a bigger location with 30 students or a smaller location with say 15…

Do you want a city where there are things to do on the weekend? Or do you want a location free of distraction.

I do think all locations do hold the same high standard of training but they are all unique in their own way…

Also lastly,
I would say also pick a location you feel like maybe you wouldn’t mind staying at after you graduate to teach… unless you’re planning on going back home to Hawaii , but you’re gonna be spending so much time at and around the airport it’s great to get your name out there and meet different people and pilots, and who knows maybe you may come across a job opportunity at that location.


I applaud your decision to go to the East Coast and see some weather. While we have excellent pilots at Hawaiian, there are some who have literally never flown out of the state. Again great pilots with great skills but they get a little too tense when they see a few ice crystals on the wipers (picture salt on fries) and start shouting “ICE!?!” :wink:


Lol !! Thanks, Yes exactly, in Hawaii we are blessed with great weather, and trust me there were days when i thought maybe I made the wrong choice because weather was so bad we couldn’t fly for maybe 10-12 days and it would put me behind schedule… but those days stuck on the ground overall taught me some very valuable lessons lol and forced me to do ground and sim (lol its always more fun to fly than to be grounded watching modules or reading ) and in the end I was able to catch up in the program

Which location did you attend??


I trained in HEF (Manassas VA which is now closed) and instructed at TTN. After that I flew for ExpressJet based in EWR. LOTS of “winter ops” and invaluable experience.


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Thank you very much for providing this information. Those points are definitely somethings to consider. How has training been for you? Hope your doing well.

Hey! Training has been great, definitely filled with its ups and downs, but I am loving it overall and am very happy I decided on aviation as my future career path


Do you plan on staying in the area, going elsewhere mainline or going back to Hawaii?

I am honestly not sure at the moment…

I have considered relocating to other locations such as Las Vegas, Atlanta, Florida but I honestly do not have a definitive destination yet.

I really think it will depend on where the jobs are lol

I was curious to see if you wanted to get back to the islands ASAP or if you wanted to do more explorin

Well good luck with what you do! If you stay at ILG I will see you and Don Parks (only one from the forums that I’ve met) soon.

Hey sorry for late response… I started 10/7/19 I’m at the PAE location Everett Washington. Yes I am using school housing. Having a blast my first few weeks, weather has been kind of up and down but upside gives me time to get more studying in.

Aloha Joseph

Hey Chelsey,
Sorry for are response.
Yeah I wasn’t active with the forum until just recently. Started at PAE location on 10/7/19 and yup the weather has been up and down. Super cold not like Hawaii!! Lol. Hope your doing good in the program!


Hey Joseph!
No worries!
So awesome to hear you’re starting. I’m now and instructor down at LZU, in Atlanta , if you ever fly in come say hi! Good luck with your training!